Sunday, April 13, 2008


Rok Ekzystentsiya is arguably the most important music festival in the Ukraine. The first Rok Ekzystentsiya festival was held in 1996. Since then a lot of rock musicians, both Ukranian and foreign, have performed at the festival. Guests such as Rick Wakemen, member of the former rock band YES, have performed at Rok Ekzystentsitya. Since it is a Ukrainian rock festival, naturally enough the list of leading Ukrainian rockers that performed on Rok Ekzystentsiya stages is much longer — VV, Komu Vnyz, Plach Yeremiyi, MOTOR’ROLLA, Mertvy Piven, Okean Elzy, Mandry, Haydamaky, Tartak, Perkalaba, to name but a few of the best known ones.

The man who stands behind Rok Ekzystentsiya festivals, the man who organizes, directs and inspires the festival is Taras Hrymalyuk. The way that the festival started is very interesting. In the 1990s’ rock music was very popular in the Ukraine. Musicians were playing all over the country and finally Hrymalyuk decided to bring them together to play together at one festival. It started off as a one day event, but by 1997 the festival was already up to three days. The 33 bands that played represented all parts of Ukraine.

Rok Ekzystentsiva brings like-minded people together. Rok Ekzystentsiya was described once as a festival of music for people with higher education. The festival attracts a lot of media attention. Many musicians play Rok Ekzystentsiva early in their career and gain fame immediately. New rockers get the opportunity to play alongside some of the most recognized rockers in Ukraine. Talent scouts, journalists and promoters seek good musicians out and offer contracts and recording sessions.

Rok Ekzystentsiya has acquired a high reputation and it is probably the recognized even by rockers at the main festival in Ukraine.. Such leading performers as Oleh Skrypka, Mykhaylo Barbara, Foma, Taras Chubay and Andriy Sereda call Rok Ekzystentsiya “Number One Rock Festival in Ukraine. - 27k -

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Myles Miller said...

After reading this post I couldn't help but think about a music festival that I am very familiar with and requent every summer, "Summerfest" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It seems that "Rok Ekzystentsiya" is very similar to "Summerfest" where they bring in a large number of famous bands from around the world, country, but most importantly local bands. It is a great coming together of people who celebrate music, culture, and have a great time. I think its more about the people coming together and enjoying themselves, moreso than the music.

Anyways, great post.