Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiev National Opera House

The National Opera House is located in downtown Kiev, near Khreschatyk Street. It was established in the summer of 1867 by Ferdinand Berger. The day of the first performance, Askolds Tomb by Alexey Verstovsky, was declared a city holiday. The striking exterior of the building was designed in Neo-Renaissance style and had accounted for the needs of the actors and the spectators. The Exterior is complimented by the majestic and regal interior design through its classical style, called Viennese Modern. The greatest asset of the Opera House is considered to be the stage, which is one of the largest in Europe. The Opera House was creatively designed for productions of classical Ukraine and Russian operas and ballets. After viewing one show, you will leave the National Opera House amazed with its beauty and impressed on how it enhances the show. 


Rebecca said...

Were you able to find any information concerning why the day of the first performance at the National Opera House was declared a city holiday? Just curious.

Anyway, nice photo. It looks like I will need to find a time to visit that place.

hwangbo said...

As an opera lover, I've taken a great interest in opera houses around Europe and America. This Kiev National Opera House is definitely on the same level as those on the top: Sydney Opera House, Vienna State Opera House, and Metropolitan Opera House...etc.

Excellent photo!