Monday, March 24, 2008

Ukranian Carpathians – Bukovel Ski Resort

Ukranian Carpathians – Bukovel Ski Resort

The Bukovel Ski Resort is a $125 million development in western Ukraine that is already open to the public, but still expanding rapidly. In the next 3-4 years, an additional $1 billion is scheduled to be invested to outfit this resort with world class everything, from hotels, to ski lifts, to the best snow-making capabilities. It will also extensively expand its trails, a trail map can be found on the bottom of this blog.
The resort is located in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk located in the green region of the map.

This is a great region in Ukraine, not only beautiful from the mountainscapes but also close to Yaremche, which is called the tourist capital of western Ukraine, and also near Vorokhta a predominant winter sports city in the region. So the infrastucture surronding Bukovel is first class, and accessibility will not be an obstacle like with Dragobrat, currently the nations most popular ski resort. Dragobrat is only accessible by military grade truck lugging you up the mountain, but once you get there it is the best and tallest skiing in Ukraine so far.
What Bukovel will offer will attract all kinds of tourism to the area from Europe, Russia, and all over the world. Moscow is relatively close to this area, far closer than say the Italian or German alps, and with the most billionaires per-capita, one could easily foresee this being the next big hot spot in eastern Europe.
Bukovel will also be one of the biggest resorts in the world, having more lodging capacity that its western counterparts in Canada and the USA. With 600,000 visitors projected for this year alone, it looks to be well on its way to competing with these giants.
This indicates to me that Ukraine is finally taking big initiative to develop and attract international interest to this great country. First class luxury skiing is a unique and highly demanded means of entertainment that is perfect nestled in the regions Carpathian Mountains.

-Dan Nye


Kathryn Esper said...

This ski resort will be a major tourist attraction. I wonder how many other ski resorts are in the region, there doesn't seem to be much competition. Thanks for including a map of the ski resort. I wonder how it compares in size to the resorts in the Rockies and Utah, it appears to have less runs.

Harrison Liss said...

This resort seems like to perfect combination of location, resources, and planning. Its hard to imagine that it will not be a success considering how good the skiing will be, and how much more accesssible the resort will be compared to those that already exist. Hopefully it will attract toursits from all over the world who are seeking wordl class conditions.

Scott Strogatz said...

This resort could be a huge step in economic development for Ukraine. I wonder how expensive the housing and ski passes would be. I wonder if they will simply market it to the many wealthy people in the nearby areas or to everyone. Cool topic.